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Pooping story number one: The dildo could go up and down faster and it was covered with some shit. I like to see the pictures of girls pooping in pants and I continued for one or two minutes, then i felt the need to poop again and in my hand arrived another little piece of soft shit. I fucked me again fast and sometimes i put some poop in the sort of dildo and i fucked me again. After ten minutes i felt satisfied and i cleaned my self and threw away the poop in the loo. I always dream of girls pooping in pants and my boyfriend to fuck me in the ass after that i pooped myself or i pooped my pants, but i am afraid of his reaction.

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She motions to me to come to her about girls pooping in pants, and she cuts the tags off of my brand new bra and pooping in pants. Then she hands me the scissors and I return the favor. I look over my shoulder into the mirror behind me and see a girls pooping in pants and brown patch in the center of the back of my hot pink pants, just above where the crotch panel is sewn in. My brown sexyness didn't soak through the whole way, but it sure did push it's way between my girls pooping in pants, the pants crotch taking on the rounded shape of my BM. Nikki's turquoise pants were in about the same shape as mine, brown patch in the back and poop the whole way to the base of her cock, causing the crotch panel of her panties to sag from the weight of the shit.


Poop story about girls pooping in pants: One special feature of our panty pooping room for watching movies of girls pooping in pants, which is a seven sided polygon. Each side is mirrored so that regardless of which mirror one looks at, the eye can see every point in the room via mirror to mirror reflection. That makes the whole experience even more arrousing, because Nikki and I can look at the action as it's happening in the back of girls pooping in pants. girls pooping in pants


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