pooping I had sometimes rubbed myself a little while pooping before, I loved the sensation of my bum hole spreading as I pooped but never thought about pooping my panties. I turned to pooping girl Nikki just in time to see a huge wet spot on her jeans forming and then a loud and very long fart followed by a few smaller ones, a bulge forming in the rear of her blue jeans, Nikki pooped and peed her eyes closed a look of relief on her face pee running down her legs more sounds of pooping, we grabbed a hold of each other and rubbed our pussys together we kissed and felt each other and then came a thundering climax. During this time, I noticed that I was pooping less. My stomach muscles had become really tight, and if I went it was only little chips of poop shaped like raisinettes. Other days were okay, but I didn't go every day.

When that was all ready, I just stood there in the middle of my room, and in just my underwear, I started to poop myself. It was mostly soft, but not too soft. Pooping is a satisfying experience but the real difference for us is doing it in our pants. And of course it felt great! When I was done pooping, I took some pictures. And then I decided to pee as well. So I looked for my jean shorts, and put them on. And then I sat on a chair, and just let it go. I peed and peed and peed while I was sitting in the chair. There is no feeling in the world like the warm feeling of peeing your pants. When I was done, I took some pictures of that too. And now here it is 45 minutes later, and I'm still sitting here wearing my wet and messy pants.

Nikki is very accepting of my need to wet myself and will even join occassionally but when it comes to pooping I am on my own. She is really, really not interested in participating in any of my pooping. But I have been trying to be creative to gently ease her into it and with the hopes that she will realize that it is not as disgusting as she thinks.


Eventually my pooping cycle become more like once a week, or even less! I've actually counted going more than 11 days without a poop! When I tried to push a load, which I felt like I really needed to do, all I got was the chips. I even tried standing up, leaning against the bathroom sink (us pants poopers have the advantage here because I kept my shorts on), sitting on the floor with my legs up, etc., all to to avail. You'd think I was pushing a concert grand piano out of my ass-hole, but nothing came out but a rabbit turd! My face would be purple to a point of popping a vein, and my stomach muscles would hurt as though there was nothing to push. They felt, and still do feel like they are already at their limit with no more stretching to go. Well anyway last night was a night where I really wanted to poop my panties. I usually take my dogs out for a walk - poop - walk around the neighborhood for about a half hour of sneak into the downstairs bathroom for clean up and pretend like nothing happened (but she can always tell when I've pooped either the residual odor or the naughty smurk upon my face gives me away), but last night I really wanted to do it in the comfort of my own bed and have her make love to me. Video and pictures of girls pooping in pants. Tons of pooping movies, pooping pictures and stories!


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